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    Product Interests
    Zero Trust Orchestrator
    • Full Cybersecurity Robotic Process Automation
    • All features in Security Hardening
    • All features in PAM/Tacacs
    • All features in Asset Manager
    • All features in Operations Manager
    • Any new modules/products will be released
    Security Hardening
    • Security Hardening GAP reports for CIS, DISA STIG and CBDDO
    • Security Hardening Scoring
    • Full Automated Remediation
    • 110+ Supported products (network devices, servers, clients, applications, databases, cloud systems, middleware, etc.)
    • Compliance Reports for ISO 27001, PCI-DSS, HIPAA, NIST 800-171, NIST 800-53, SoX, CIS Critical Security Controls, CMMC, Turkish CBDDO, Saudi Arabia ECC
    • Custom Recipes and Audits
    • Automated or Manual Roll Back
    • Detailed, historical and delta reports
    • Cust
    • Central and Personal Password Vaults
    • Session Management and Recording (RDP, VNC, SSH, Telnet, Web browser, etc.)
    • OCR Support for video record indexing
    • Just in Time Access
    • Role Management
    • Active Directory Bridging
    • Command Blocking
    • Active Directory Dynamic Group Mapping
    • Tacacs, Tacacs+ and Radius Servers
    • 3+ Nodes Active-Active clustering
    • MFA Support (SecHard, Microsoft, Google, SecurifyID supports)
    Cybersecurity Asset Manager
    • Automatic Asset Discovery (AD, VMware, HyberV integrations and network scan)
    • Hardware/Software Inventory Management
    • SSL Key discover, analysis and management
    • Asset Risk Scoring for ISO 27001, NIST CSF and other regulations (Risk=Impact X Probability)
    • Asset Check in/Check out
    • Inventory Change/Integrity Monitoring
    • High Risk Triggers (Triggering to change third party cybersecurity product configurations. Ex: Trellix)
    • Risk Dashboards and Reports
    Operations Manager
    • Network Device Configuration Backup/Restore
    • Configuration Integrity Control
    • Performance Monitoring for Servers, clients, network devices, applications and more
    • Automated Network Map Visualizing
    • Bulk Command Sending
    • Firmware Upgrades
    • Network Device Vulnerability Reporting
    • Server and clients Vulnerability Reporting (coming soon)
    • Syslog and SNMP Automation